Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Pastor's Corner

* Article was published in the June edition of The Herald; a monthly publication of Green Hill Baptist Church.

“For while I was passing through and examining the objects of your worship, I also found an altar with this inscription, ‘TO AN UNKNOWN GOD.’ Therefore what you worship in ignorance, this I proclaim to you. The God who made the world and all things in it, since he is Lord of heaven and earth, does not dwell in temples made with hands; nor is He served by human hands, as though He needed anything, since He Himself gives to all people life and breath and all things…” (Acts 17:23-25)

Apart from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, Paul’s sermon on Mars Hill is perhaps one of the greatest sermons ever preached. Entering the city of Athens, Paul began to notice altars and shrines setup for the purpose of worshipping false gods and deities. 

Reading this account of Paul’s travels reminded me of places in the world where I have been where the name of Yahweh, the One true God of the Bible, was not revered and worshipped. Paul challenged the people of Athens with a sound, theological, and philosophical argument for not only the existence of God, but that God alone should be proclaimed and worshipped. Paul says, you worship one who you do not know, but let me tell you who alone is worthy of worship. He is the God who created the heavens and the earth.

Athens in Paul’s day looks much like America in our day. There may not be readily visible altars and shrines setup for the purpose of worshipping false gods, but they are there and clearly seen through discerning spiritual eyes. We live in a world where fallen man worships other things rather than the God who created him (Romans 1:18-27). 

Indeed, the greatest tragedy and injustice in the world is that man, created in the image of God for the purpose of worshipping Him, willfully chooses to worship something else. Man robs God of the glory that is due Him every time he chooses to bow down and worship the created rather than the Creator.

My desire is that God would continue to grow us in our faith; that we, like Paul, would seek to know Christ better each and every day. Worship is not an event, it’s a lifestyle. God created us for the purpose of knowing Him and worshipping Him, so that we could bring glory to His name. 

I’m humbled and honored to be able to worship Him with you. I truly love my church. Looking forward to a great summer worshipping with you!

Serving Together,
Pastor Brett 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Pastor's Corner

*Article was published in the May edition of The Herald; a monthly publication of Green Hill Baptist Church.

“I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always offering prayer with joy in my every prayer for you all, in view of your participation in the gospel from the first day until now.” 
Philippians 1:3-5 (NASB)

I have fond memories of going to Braves games in the old Atlanta Fulton County Stadium. I had mastered the tomahawk chop as a five year-old! For several years we lived in the Atlanta area and would often go and cheer on our team as they took the field. 

Baseball games have a traditional “seventh-inning stretch” where everyone in attendance stands to their feet to enjoy a brief timeout from the game. It’s a great time to stretch your legs, crash the concession stand, or visit the facilities. The seventh-inning stretch is also a good time to reflect upon the score of the game and evaluate the performance (or lack thereof) of the Home team. Are we winning the game? If not, are there any adjustments that need to be made?

May marks the seventh month of my ministry as pastor of Green Hill. It’s hard to believe how quickly time has passed. It seems like only yesterday that I was taking our youth to an Atlanta Braves game. Of course, yesterday was really the summer of 2003! Each blink of the eye seems to transform seconds into a span of years. Parents, you blink once and your child is born; blink again and they're starting first grade; blink again and they’re starting high school; blink again and they’re graduating. 

Do you dare blink again?

As I take a “seventh-month stretch” there are many exciting things happening within our faith family. God is doing some wonderful things among us. For example:
  • We are seeing kingdom growth through new conversions and baptisms.
  • We are seeing lives transformed and set free from the power of sin.
  • We are seeing families reconciled and restored to harmony and peace.
  • We are seeing visitors join us each week for worship.
  • We are seeing new members unite with our faith family.
  • We are seeing updates and renovations to our buildings and grounds.
  • We are seeing prayer centrally located to who we are and what we do.
  • We are seeing members use their gifts and talents in service to the Lord.
  • We are seeing members faithfully give of their tithes and offerings.

It’s an honor and privilege to serve as your pastor and I want to commend to you Paul’s words to the Philippians. I thank God for you. I pray for you always with joy in my heart. I count it a joy to partner with you in the gospel. We are moving forward, but there is still work to be done and progress to be made. 

God has much in store for our next seven months together, so let’s suit up, take the field, and get ready to play ball!

Serving Together,
Pastor Brett

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Atheists Are Irrational

Christian comedian Brad Stine pokes fun at one of the most widely heard defenses against belief in God... and he kills it!